Attorney: IM scams perpetrated by company Forex partner the $ 48000000000

Attorney: IM scams perpetrated by company Forex partner the $ 48000000000.


According to Crimes prosecutor detailed the High Complexity East, Pablo Norambuena, the persons concerned have reached 1,320.
Fraud lively by IM investment strong Forex, owned by Victor and Ivonne Pantoja brothers, reaching a unlimited amount of US $ 48,637,000, as presented this afternoon the proceedings of Upper East Complexity crimes during the formalization of executives, they they are qualified taking into consideration participation in repeated fraud crimes, maintenance laundering and breach of the General Banking Law.

As detailed by Attorney Pablo Norambuena, the persons concerned have reached the 1,320 who have invested their share taking into consideration the objective of generating profits alive by the company, he claimed that invest in international currencies.

To this halt, an investment was sought through valleys or view involve documents, asegurndoseles a recompense along surrounded by 6% and 11%. However, according to highly developed detailed by Jose Antonio Villalobos confrontation in seizures during the scrutiny documents that were never invested they were found, which shows that the executives acted carefully and concertedly to defraud customers.

Even the prosecutor said Villalobos, these gains were non-existent back the partial reward of money were two-timing profits and corresponded to portion of adding victims fund.

Moreover, to prevent the victims to financial relation the facts, they initiated a communication and containment strategy to save them informed, ensuring that the company was running ably.

Once related the facts that this period they are exposed to 8 Warranty Court Santiago, prosecutors and prosecutors seeking custody of the owners of financial company, claiming that the without help precautionary encounter based upon the extremity of the facts and the repetition of the associated is the deprivation of official pardon.

The audience formalization began at 14:00 pm today, four hours after the scheduled begin. This is because the toting occurring excuse executives, led by lawyers Lizabro Godoy and Felipe de la Fuente requested the deferment of the act to know the background of the search stamp album.

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