Best time of day to trade forex

Best time of day to trade forex


Best time of day to trade forex by the experience already know that the schedule of the market Forex and the of greater movement is it from London. But also know that there are certain days in the week where is increased the movement of the market of forex.
Below is a table of average range of pips for the 4 biggest currency for each day of the week pairs:

The best time to operate Forex:

It is when the market is more active and when superimposed schedules of major global financial centers. Therefore it is there when most traders trade at the same time. This is the opportunity to take advantage of them movements in the market of currency and thus generate gains significant.


You can see how to half of the week is gives more movement in them 4 pairs main. Them Friday, generally are quite moved to them 16:00 GTM (12 pm THIS) and then the market practically falls until the close of the market.

This means that the Friday only is working half day and accordingly the weekend arrives before! Based on this information, we have already learned what the days of the week and hours with more movement in the Forex market.

In accordance with the following schedules, can deduce that in all time there are some market open and accordingly there are always in all time investors operating with badge

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