Bitcoin price-11.4 million dollars in confiscated auctioned

Bitcoin price-11.4 million dollars in confiscated auctioned

Bitcoin price-11.4 million dollars in confiscated auctioned will be the first auction of this type will be very important Lake for the economy.


A total of 24.518 bitcoin confiscated the year last, valued at some 11.4 million of dollars (10.3 million of euros), will be auctioned the next month in Australia, reported today means local.


It consulting multinational Ernst & Young organizes the auction closed of 48 hours that will take place in Sydney them days 20 and 21 of June, according to the portal of news financial Business Insider Australia.

In total will be auction eleven batches of 2,000 bitcoin and one of 2.518.


The consultant, who did not disclose the identity of the seller, hopes to obtain more than 716.100 dollars (644.840 euros) for each batch in the first auction of this electronic currency that is carried out in Australia and the second worldwide after the United States.


The bitcoin is a digital asset managed through a system of own payment allegedly invented by the Australian computer scientist Craig Wright under the pseudonym of Nakamoto, who spread the creation in 2008, and in 2009 opened the software to the public, which can operate with the currency without intermediaries.Bitcoin price.


Is estimated that there are in circulation in internet 15.5 million of units of this currency-that, although of time is legal, not is regulated by any bank central-, that is opera through the platform “blockchain”.


The best strategy five stars to 10 years

It risk assumed to obtain that result is a modifier of them returns achieved by the plan, since a profitability high with a risk high can assume an investment in a market highly volatile that, both can generate high returns as suffer marked setbacks.

Bitcoin price
Bitcoin price

Of a selection of plans of Inns of the system individual that obtained the rating five star of VDOS- and that, therefore, have shown a positive evolution by profitability with a level of volatility controlled in them three last years-is have identified them ten more profitable in the 10 last years. Plans with a long trajectory and that, mostly, continue keeping is in the first positions for profitability also during 2016.


The ranking includes a variety of categories, that invest in assets of equities in the top positions. Benefiting from the excellent evolution of the benchmark stock U.S. S & P 500, ORANGE STANDARD & POORS 500 Gets a 36.95 percent profitability to 10 years and a 9.51 percent a year. It aims to replicate the S & P 500 index, so that its profitability will be linked to the index and the dollar. Aimed at aggressive investors with a time horizon in the medium and long term, it has a heritage under management of 291 million euros.


The biggest positions in your portfolio correspond to them funds quoted iShares S & P 500 B ACC (62,90%) and DB X-TRACKERS S & P 500 U (4,10%) as well as to SPS FP (29.30%), to the contract of future Mini on the S & P 500 FUT. MINI S & P 500 DECEMBER 2006 ING (4.20%) with liquidity in dollars TESOR. CURRENCY USD (1.30%).


Mixed plans of this selection, mixed aggressive Euro SAVINGS FORECAST the (Unicaja Bank Group) is the most profitable, with 17.02 percent of profitability in the past 10 years and a 2.76 percent to a year.

Can invest between a 30 and a 75 percent of its portfolio in income variable, with a target to medium term of get a profitability top to it of them active of rent fixed European and close to it of them markets stock international, investing with them maximum criteria of safety and profitability.


Gsetionando a heritage of 11 million of euros, among them major positions in your portfolio find funds as Aviva Espabolsa to (4,93%) Aviva short term to (3.93%) and Aviva Fonvalor Euro to FI (1.82%) as well as emissions sovereign of the realm of Spain (2.58%) and of the Republic of Italy (2.46%).


With a more conservative profile, INCOME FIXED PREMIUM 2022 is revalued by 12.36 percent to 10 years and a 1.39 percent in the last annual period. Managed by Deutsche Zurich pension (Deutsche Bank Group) manages a heritage of 25 million euros.


Invests its portfolio mostly in active both of income fixed public as private of emitting of the Union European and called in euros, with the objective of keep is until its date target of 15 of November of 2022.


Their major positions include emissions of the United of Spain, of the Republic of Italy and of the Republic of Portugal, as well as the background of emissions of high performance Nordea-1 European High Yield Bd TBI EUR and the emission corporate of interest floating of Casino Koock-Perr FRN.


They are different options for different risk profiles and investment horizons (appropriate for different stages of life) that reveal a higher management in a period that proved to be particularly complex for the markets.

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