Donald trump leadership quotes

Donald trump leadership quotes

Donald trump leadership quotes0,then you leave some phrases of Donald Trump, man of business and the founder of the Trump Organization of the USES, mainly dedicated to the segment them real estate premium.

1-In any way you have to think, why not think big?
2-Sometimes losing a battle are a way of winning the war.
3-Without passion you don’t have power, without energy you have nothing.
4-Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes have that give to the fight and go you and move you to something more productive.
5-In my opinion, reach the top implies that it is time to start, a new project. Success is the start of the next. If we are willing to learn, we find that

The Japanese Prime Minister asserted that Trump is a leader “who is should trust”

The Japanese Prime Minister asserted that Trump is a leader "who is should trust
The Japanese Prime Minister asserted that Trump is a leader “who is should trust

The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, on Thursday became the first international leader to meet with the President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, who has left half the world on tenterhooks with its promised protectionist turn in trade and one minor in international military alliances involvement. Abe came out of the meeting with an optimistic message and a strong compliment of controversial businessman. “As a result of the talks today, I am convinced that Mr Trump is a leader in whom I have great confidence,” said Abe out of the meeting in the Tower Trump New York, converted into the headquarters of the future Government in training.

Japan can exit very badly stood in a bad relationship with EE UU, its main ally. As candidate, Trump said that the country Asian, threatened by Korea of the North, should contribute more in his defense and even raised that may withdraw troops. Also, is one of the markets affected by the lock of the treated commercial with the Pacific (TTP, in its acronym English), that signed the President outgoing, Barack Obama, but that already not will try to approve in the Congress.

Them words enthusiasts of Abe to the end the meeting is can interpret as a shows of that Trump is capable of send a message calm, also as a signal of that probably not all it asserted during the campaign will go forward. But, apart from that, they are an indication that the international community — more or less criticism with its xenophobic messages and sexist – should end up approaching the leader of the world’s foremost power.

The conversation between Abe and Trump, according to the Japanese leader, was “relaxed” and was held in a “warm”. The proposed ground-breaking of the millionaire Republican in military and trade policy have led to the first diplomatic task for us in this new phase is to simply avoid that you panic. Of time, to the head of this work is has placed Obama, now of revolves international with Trump as main theme of conversation, but the meeting with the first Minister Nippon was the occasion perfect for see how responded his successor, the President elected.

He program of Trump also leaves wound of death the negotiation of a new Treaty with Europe (the called TTIP, in its acronym in English) and generates doubts on it Alliance commercial with Canada and Mexico (NAFTA). Such decisions will have effects on the domestic economy of USA, as well as fiscal promises: promises more military or infrastructure spending at the same time that tax reductions.

Uncertainty economic

On Thursday, the President of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, asked Congress “more clarity” about the course of economic policy of the new administration. “Not know what goes to pass, there is a high degree of uncertainty”, responded, asked by them stimuli tax that Trump has promised, and advised to the future Government that any measure fiscal treats “carefully” them effects in the growth to short and medium term.

Yellen had to clarify at the beginning of his appearance in the Chamber that his intention was to finish his term, which expires in January, 2018, since the next President put it on target during the campaign. He accused her of not being independent of the Government and keep a policy of low interest rates to benefit the economic cycle and favor Barack Obama. Yesterday, the President of the Fed insisted, in line with the appearances of them last months, in that the new rise of types will have place “relatively soon”.

The last is produced in December and left the price of the money in a strip even very low, of the 0.25% to the 0.50% by the doubts on the fortress global of the economy. USA is in a situation of almost full employment and your bank is fully healthy after the great financial meltdown of 2008, but the economy progresses slowly (expect a growth of just above 2% in 2016) and productivity is worrying.

Romney comes in the pools of the new Government

About who will be new Secretary of the Treasury, that is as a Minister of economy, only there, of time, pools between names of Wall Street. In the Tower Trump, meanwhile, they go in and out other possible candidates for important posts in the new Government. General Michael Flynn, who sounds like possible senior national security advisor, met with Trump, as well as former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The son-in-law of the President, Jared Kushner, is also called upon to play a key role.

The President elect also begins to be with figures of the party Republican; yesterday, for example, conversed with Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State. And it has approached critical ancient, as the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, the former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who also have crept into the pools for relevant positions as Secretary of State.

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