Donald trump oil investments and OPEP

Donald trump oil investments and OPEP

The barrel of oíl is has bounced these three months by the expectations on an agreement in the OPEP.

audi Arabia has warned to Donald Trump of them risks that would be for the economy American the lock of the imports of oil that promised in his campaign electoral.

U.S. imports millions of barrels of oil, also “benefits enormously from free large amounts of exported products to sell.

Donald trump oil investments
Donald trump oil investments

Giuliani is the main candidate for Secretary of State of Trump-the former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani has emerged as the main candidate that the President elect of United States, Donald Trump, is considering for the charge of Secretary of State, said the Monday a source familiar with the situation.

The source said that John Bolton, who served as United States Ambassador to the UN during the administration of George W. Bush, was also considered to head the State Department. Giuliani, 72 years old, was one of the strongest supporters and high-profile in the election campaign of Trump, and frequently presented him at rallies with strong attacks on the Democrat Hillary Clinton. Giuliani was Mayor of New York during the attacks of the 11 of September of the 2001 and led to the city during the crisis after the destruction of them towers twin of the World Trade Center, in close collaboration with the then President George W. Bush.

He former mayor was one of them first supporters of Trump, has been your friend from makes many years and it defended of them various controversies in which is saw wrapped during the campaign. Giuliani repeatedly accused Clinton of violating the law for its handling of classified information via a private email server while he was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. “If Rudy want it, get it,” said the former President of the Cámara de Representantes Newt Gingrich in the program “The Kelly File” of the chain of Fox News.

Assume too many risks is a threatens to them banks of area euro:

ECB.-them banks of the area euro can exhibit a greater resilience that before the crisis of debt European, but them low levels of profitability could carry to them entities assume too many risks in its search of benefits, said the Tuesday it supervisor of the Bank Central European Sabine Lautenschlaeger.

“The viability of them models of business is currently one of the main points of attention”, said Lautenschlaeger, that form part of the Committee Executive of the ECB. “We have to warn against the temptation to keep their profits at the expense of taking too many risks (to the banks).” “A search over of profitability could lead easily to new problems for them own banks and for the system financial in general”, said. “And in a context of low profitability, abundant liquidity and high competition, is not a hypothetical concern.”

UniCredit and Societe Generale is denied to comment rumours on fusion.:

UniCredit and Société Générale declined the Monday comment on them rumors of a possible merger, after them shares of both banks jump by them speculations of a combination of their business. Rumors of a merger between the French and the Italian lender have persisted for years and resurfaced once Jean-Pierre Mustier, a former head of SocGen’s investment banking, was previously appointed this year as new CEO of UniCredit. On Monday, a report by the Italian Ansa news agency said that financial markets were circulating rumors of a merger. “Is is of speculations of the market on which the Bank not have intention of comment”, said a spokesman of UniCredit when was consulted by the theme.

UniCredit y Societe Generale
UniCredit y Societe Generale

Societe Generale also said that it would not refer to rumors. European banks face pressure to consolidate their businesses in order to address the problem of low profitability and high levels of bad loans from their portfolios, but agreements between companies from different countries have always been extremely complex.

Warren Buffett invests in them four main companies air of USA.


The holding Berkshire Hathaway, property of the billionaire Warren Buffett, has announced the purchase of actions of four of them older airlines of USA: American Airlines Group, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and United Continental Holdings. It’s an “unexpected” made for the shares of Buffett holding company, which has avoided decades investing in the airline industry after a bad investment in the former US Air Group during the two.

Warren Buffett invierte
Warren Buffett invierte

In addition, extends the bet of the holding by the US economy and, in particular, transport. In fact, Berkshire Hathaway already is owner of the railway BNSF and of the unit’s aircraft of luxury NetJets. He last January, the society announced also it buys from the manufacturer of parts for aircraft Precision Castparts by 32.100 million of dollars (29,700 million of euros). To end of September, Berkshire had 21.8 million of shares in American Airlines by a value of 797 million of dollars, 6.3 million of shares in Delta by 249,3 million and
4.5 million of actions in United by 237,8 million.

The investment in Southwest has been back to the close of the third quarter of 2016, by what still not is have data, according to reports Reuters.

It GDP of the eurozone grows a 0.3% in the third quarter.:

it GDP of the eurozone increased a 0.3% in the third quarter in comparison with them three months earlier, and advanced a 0.4% in the joint of the EU. The gross domestic product (GDP) in the euro zone grew at a quarterly rate of 0.3% between July and September, in line with the previous three months, according to the second estimate of the data published by Eurostat.


This figure coincides with the first estimate, that is made public to end of October. In comparison with the same quarter of the year previous, the economy of the zone euro maintained a rhythm of growth of the 1.6%, similar to the observed during the quarter preceding. In the joint of the EU, the GDP grew a 0.4% in the third quarter, in line with the expansion observed in those three months earlier, while the growth interannual was of the 1.8%, equal that in the second quarter.

Among the countries of the EU whose data were available, Portugal and Bulgaria recorded the largest quarterly growth rate (+ 0.8% both), ahead of Spain, Cyprus, Slovakia and Netherlands (+ 0.7% each), while the weaker expansion was observed in Lithuania (+ 0.1%), ahead of countries such as Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and France, which recorded each growth of 0.2%. In comparison with the third quarter of 2015, Romania led the growth in the EU, with an expansion of the 4.6%, followed of Bulgaria (+ 3.5%) and by ahead of Spain and Slovakia (+ 3.2% respectively).

In the third quarter of 2016, the US economy recorded a growth of 0.7%, three tenths above the expansion of the second quarter, while Japan GDP increased 0.5%, against 0.2% for the second quarter. Eurostat will release data detailed the proxiimo December 6.

Mexico revises health of banks and brokerages following victory of Trump:

sources-the banking regulator of Mexico began to make everyday extraordinary revisions of banks and brokerages financial health since Donald Trump won the presidential elections in the United States, four sources said. Revisions are concentrated in the levels of capital and liquidity of financial institutions, said three sources, who added that the regulator is particularly interested in Mexican Government bonds holdings, who have lost much of their value in the last few days.


The performance of the bonus to 10 years is has fired in more than 100 points base, to their levels more high from the 2011, since the triumph of Trump. Two sources said that in their cases regulators were also requesting information on the positions in derivatives. Three sources said that their institutions have received between one and two calls a day from the victory of the real estate magnate. “Nothing else are monitoring (…)” “Officially, not are asking nothing further”, said a spokesman of the regulator, the Commission National Bank and of values (CNBV).

Analysts polled by Reuters said that the banking sector in Mexico is stable. The Mexican peso recorded its worst session since the crisis of 1994 before the unexpected victory Tuesday in the Republican nominee, who in his campaign promised to renegotiate an important commercial Treaty with Mexico and Canada and stop the sending of remittances to the country to build a border wall.

Resumed wave of sales of Treasury bonds, inspired by Trump, returns play maximum of 2016:

the liquidation wave of United States Treasury bond market resumed on Monday, after the worst week for the debt of the country at seven years, due to the growing concerns of an acceleration of inflation under the policies of the President elected Donald Trump. * Them returns of the debt to 30 years, the more sensitive to the expectations of inflation, exceeded the 3 percent by first time since January.


The gap between 10-year and 2-year Notes yields went up from 1.21 percent at the end of last week to a 1.26 percent, its highest level since December. * Movements occur following a huge wave of selling last week, emerged following the surprise victory of the Republican in presidential elections. * Them prices of them bonds of the treasure suffered a loss weekly of a 1.9 percent, its greater fall from June of the 2009, according to the data of the index of performance of active of rent fixed of Bank of America / Merrill Lynch.

* The differential of yields between the debt to 10 years protected by inflation and them bonds regular of the same maturity reached a 1.99 percent, its greater level from September of the 2014, showed data of Reuters. * Them greater expectations of an acceleration of the inflation in United States impact on them bonds because reduced the value of their future payments of interest.

* Them yields of the debt American to 30 years rose to a maximum of 3,067 percent, a level not seen since December. Returns the referential role 10 years progressed to 2,302 per cent, its highest level since December. * Although the selling wave hit mostly bonds to 10 to 30 years, yields of notes 2 and 3 years climbed to their highest
levels since January, since investors mostly expect the Federal Reserve to raise its key rate at its meeting of 13 and 14 December.

Barrel bounces from minimum of three months by renewed expectations of an agreement OPEC

the oil closed the Monday almost without changes, bouncing from a minimum of three months, after a report that said that them countries member of the OPEC seek resolve their differences on an agreement to reduce the supply in a meeting that is will produce this month. * Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq is have shown in disagreement on how trim the pumping of oil for decrease the excess of offer in the market. The lack of solution among members of the Organization of the petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) after a tentative agreement in September has pressured prices.


* A Bloombeg report pointed out that the three countries are still confronted on how to share the cuts to the pumping. * The future of the Brent fell a 0.72 percent to 44,43 dollars by barrel after lower until those 43,57 dollars; While in United States crude oil futures lost a 0.2 per cent to 43,32 dollars the barrel, after hitting a floor for 42,20 USD. The minimum session of both contracts were the lowest levels since August 11.

* The OPEC reported the Friday that in October pumped 33,64 million of barrels of crude per day (bpd), a record historical. The Group predicted also one surplus even bigger for 2017 than that predicts the IEA. * The surprise victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election of the United States last week boosted the dollar and stocks, but weighed on oil.

Gold touches minimum in five months and half before fortress dollar and returns bonds USA.:

the gold fell by third session consecutive the Monday, playing minimum of five months and half, before a strengthening of the dollar and of them yields of them bonds U.S., amid expectations of that the President elect Donald Trump will boost the expenditure in United States.

Donald trump oil investments
Donald trump oil investments

* However, the market cut its losses as the dollar and bonds returns away from their highs. * The gold to the counted touched its minimum from the 3 of June to 1.211,08 dollars the ounce and to them 1932 GMT quoted with a low of the 0.6 percent, to 1.218,92 dollars. Recorded higher low three days from July of the year 2015. Future of United States Gold closed with a loss of 0.2 per cent to 1.221,70 dollars an ounce.

* The index dollar climbed by sixth day consecutive to reach a maximum of 11 months; While them yields of the bonds of the treasure American to 10 years amounted to 2.3 percent, its level more high since December of the year last. * “Our strategists Exchange believe that the dollar will reach new peak after consolidate is during great part of the 2016”, said Standard Chartered in a note.

* “A dollar more strong and higher rates not only present a barrier (for the gold) in the short term, but also probably weighing on the prices in them next months”, added. * The market bet to the Fed implement a faster cycle of hikes in interest rates. Older types could raise the cost of opportunity of keep to the ingot that not accrued interests, pushing the value of the gold.

* He President of the book Federal of Dallas, Robert Kaplan, asked the Monday a political fiscal “intelligent” to boost the growth in the long term, to the say that the next year will be of “changes” for the political economic low a new President in United States. * Among others metals precious, the silver lost a 3.3 percent to 16,61 dollars the ounce, its minimum since June. * Platinum gave a 1.2 per cent to 928,50 dollars per ounce and Palladium gained 3.1 percent to 692,90 dollars per ounce.

Producers of oil of shale in U.S. strike back by expectations OPEC and Trump.

them producers of oil of shale of United States are turning effective, platforms and workers by a moderate confidence in that the sector has given turned the page after the election of Donald Trump as President and signals of that it OPEC could trim its production. A low of it activity, caused by two years of low prices, helped to them producers American of shale is returned more efficient and adopt with greater speed technologies that les allow compete with them systems traditional.


“Are begun to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel”, said Ryan Lance, President of ConocoPhillips, the greater producer independent of oil in United States, during an interview the week last. “Cautiously, we are going to put capital to work.” It organization of countries exporters of oil (OPEC) has that work them details of an agreement to cut or freeze production, specifically what will mean for each Member. But an agreement provisional suggests that Saudi Arabia want to end with two years of war in the market, what incites to them producers American to the action.

The amount of platforms oil has grown a 6 per cent since the OPEC came to an agreement preliminary the September, according to the signs of analysis NavPort. In addition, the victory of Trump brought to the White House a defender of the sector of oil and gas, which would eliminate regulations, and would encourage the development of the new energy industry. Occidental Petroleum Corp, Chevron Corp, Pioneer Natural Resources Co. and ConocoPhillips are among the companies that have increased their platforms or are preparing to do so.

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