Forex factory calendar-G-20

Forex factory calendar-G-20

Forex factory calendar- AUDUSD brakes with indecision about 0.7600 and refine movements waiting for rates and GDP of Australia

USDJPY narrows range in lathe to the weekly pivot on 103.00 – focus on non-manufacturing ISM USA

EURUSD keeps range of 40 pips on 1.1150 and expected PMIs of Germany, GDP EU e ISM USES-Forex factory calendar

Sure there is nothing from the G-20 mark the previous session rates of Australia and USA ISM


Summary session European and USA:

Today’s trading session has been marked by low volatility, by absence of fundamentals of high impact, and also decrease of transactions after the holiday in the U.S. and Canada.

However, after the opening of the European opening we have known data from the UK, where the advance of PMIs of service and composite results, had a positive reading on the expectations and the period earlier, then give place to the results of the survey of confidence of the Sentix investor, which had a positive reading in general, and finally the positive real sales progress of the eurozone that has not produced a major impact on the market.

Focus for the Overnight session and opening Europe/NY

For the overnight session, the critical load is high impact, where were the Asian session the decision of the RBA monetary policy interest rates for which expectations are maintenance, which can make the pattern of movements in the Australian dollar against its major counterparts.

Subsequently, Switzerland publishes the advance of its growth figures, where again the expectations are positive, then give place to medium impact data from Germany and the eurozone, which expected a mixed reading positive.

Then after the opening of NY, the focus of the market focuses on USA, which we hope to know the reading of the non-manufacturing ISM composite, which expected a contraction during the month of August, which will undoubtedly mark the pattern of movements of the US dollar during the session.

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Instruments to monitor:

AUD / USD – technical analysis:

Indecision marks the pattern of movements for parity today holiday in the USA and Canada.
Currently the pair respects a bullish channel of short term and important test resistance environment the 0.7600 waiting for the decision of the RBA types, where in principle the expectations are maintenance.

For the scenario of the Australian dollar’s strength, bullish 0.7600 rupture confirmation opens way to previous resistances. However, for a scenario of pressure, the confirmation would be after the loss of the daily pivot and the MVA50. Consider oscillators in balance just as the feeling speculative.

USDJPY – technical analysis:

Indecision and low volume of transaction after holiday in USA mark the pattern of movements bounded in majors.
Currently the pair maintains pressure around a short term and the weekly pivot 103.00 bullish channel support with enough indecision waiting for digits Composite Manufacturing ISM for USA, for which the market expects contraction.

For the scenario in line with expectations, bassist of the canal rupture confirmation and confirmation after the loss of the 103.00 pressure exposed to movements to previous stands. Otherwise, the confirmation of the daily pivot recovery leaves free next upside objectives towards. Consider oscillators on balance and the sense of market polarized to 1.85 long.

EURUSD – technical analysis:

Decrease in liquidity of market after the holiday in the U.S. and Canada, marks the guideline of technical movement of short term for the single currency.

Currently parity refine movements in a range not exceeding 40 pips of amplitude with much hesitation in turning the 1.1150 to na waiting to meet orders from factory and PMIs of Germany, as well as eurozone GDP and non-manufacturing ISM composite USA.

In mixed terms, a scenario of strength to the instrument would be confirmed after the recovery of the daily and weekly pivot for going after the 1.1200 and in case of breakout is exposed to previous resistance. However, the alternative scenario, confirmation of loss of the 1.1150 left road pound that pressure will prevail, which could lead to the instrument to support of the range, then go after bearish targets. Consider oscillators in next oversold signal and the balanced feeling.


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