Forex factory news-the fake document with that IM


Forex factory news-the fake document with that IM


Forex factory news-fake document with IM Forex customers are assured of recovering their money which were
victim of fraud but in the reality is not there is information official that guarantees this statement.

Forex factory news-the fake document with that IM
Forex factory news-the fake document with that IM

IM Forex has asked customers to sign a new document if you want to recover your investment. Them have said that so it requested them tax that investigated the alleged fraud. But in the Prosecutor’s office denied having asked.

The message that spread this week in groups that IM Forex customers have on social networks, said that the three prosecutors now investigating the company of course fraud pyramid – Carlos Gajardo, Pablo Norambuena and José Villalobos – “requested the signing of a new document to authorize the return of the requested capital”.

In other words, that all those who wanted their money back, they would have to go to the offices of the company and sign that paper. And so only the Prosecutor’s office would release the funds.

Although T13 could not prove the account that disseminated that information outside official, if he found that the document is real and that signed it already many customers of the company created by the brothers Víctor and Ivonne Pantoja Torreblanca, who now face lawsuits for fraud, conspiracy and violation of the banking law in 2013. Even some of those who signed arrived after being contacted by the lawyer of Pantoja, Rodrigo González.

The document to which it had access T13 is a letter type that customers should fill with your personal information such as name and Ruth, as well as the detail of the requested amount.

Although the RUC of the cause that appears in the document does not correspond to that contained in the records of the 8th Court of warranty of Santiago, where research, is hosted and get it on the web site of the judiciary not returns results, from the Prosecutor’s office confirmed that Yes it is for research. At the end, the letter carries the signature of the owner and legal representative of the company, Víctor Pantoja, and client.

This is the document that told the representatives of the company to its customers, was requested by prosecutors.

He problem is that in the prosecution of high complexity East deny having requested the signature of any document. They also point out that so far is not contemplated the return of the $6,500 million who have cautelados, precisely to protect the investment of about 1,500 people that invested in IM Forex and who now fear for their savings.



It is not the first time that executives ask their customers to sign a request so that they return to their investment.

On March 8, at the same time that the investigations police (PDI) had was the accounting information of the offices of IM Forex in Providence, an Executive of that company told customers that they were demanding their money back: ‘Don’t have the Silver box’ (see article in T13).

Although the contracts that they signed established once requested the withdrawal of his investment will happen up to 10 days for delivery of funds, that has not been fulfilled.

The excuse that the executives of the company, delivered at that time was that the Prosecutor’s office was investigating the origin and destiny of all their movements of plants, so the meeting deadlines was subject to determined prosecutors. If they delayed, the company could not do anything. In this way, they attributed to the persecutors responsibility that people could not recover their invested capital.

Anyway they asked customers that they fill a form to request the total or partial return of their money, with a commitment that is experiances with them by phone to coordinate the return as soon as written. Although some if they were contacted, the returns have not been conducted.

A source close to the investigation told T13 that now a new document signed by customers request would be a Forex IM nuevaestrategia to transfer the pressure of investors affected directly to prosecutors, and no longer to their owners and executives.

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