Forex market hours-to start operating

Forex market hours-to start operating

Forex market hours  to begin sessions for the operation of the currencies that traders begin to operate effectively during the day.


Forex market hours
Forex market hours

Forex market hours There are who have the factor schedule by that are areas of different countries u the place more important for the purchase and sales of badges is New York on the is the base of the trade of them badges.

He market world of currency or market forex is open during the 24 hours of the day, which allows that the traders can operate during all the day. But schedule changes according to the time zone, so you should keep in mind that in Spain (CET area) Forex opens Sunday at 23:00 and closes Friday at 22:00. On the basis of the Spanish time zone the forex market consists of the following sessions with their respective schedules:

Sessions and schedules in the forex market in world

The first to open its doors on Sundays is the bag of Sydney, which opens at 00: 00 and closes at 08:00.
The following in open is the bag of Tokyo, that starts the session to the 01:00 and closes to the 10:00.
Then open the market European with the bag of London, with a schedule that goes from 09:00 to 18:00.
Finally open the New York Stock Exchange, logging at 14:00 and close at 23:00.

According to these schedules is evident that there is always a market asset, but when two markets overlap it is the best time to perform operations, since it is the moment of greatest activity.

During these times there is more liquidity and higher is the number of traders or investors trading currency simultaneously, which makes it the ideal opportunity to get the greatest number of benefits. However, each market is different, and depending to which overlap, there is a greater or lesser volume.

The first schedules overlap occurs between 01:00 and 08:00, time that should be negotiated with the JPY and AUD, since Japan and Australia markets are open. It is a good opportunity for profit, but although there is an increase in the volume of market there are many movements of currency.

Second schedules overlapping is between the market in Tokyo and London, 09:00 to 10:00, and in which it is recommended to negotiate the JPY and the GBP. In this moment there are many more movements of currencies, but nothing compared with the third and last overlap of schedules of the day.

From 14:00 to 18:00 match open them bags of New York and London, in which always is the period of greater activity daily of the market of currency and in which it recommended is negotiate with the USD and the GBP. It’s the time with higher volatility and greater number of investors when operating at the same time.

For the Colombian public, keep in mind that there is a time difference of 7 hours with Spain, is that Colombian time takes a delay of 7 hours with respect to the Spanish, so when in Spain are 6 o’clock in the morning, 11 o’clock the day before they are in Colombia. The area hourly Colombian is GMT-5 and it of Spain GMT + 2, although Spain has the particularity that in summer the area the area time is GMT + 1.

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