Forex money management calculator-Small investors, better stay away Forex

Forex money management calculator-Small investors, better stay away Forex


Forex money management calculator-Small investors, better stay away Forex    will be better or continue investing in pro of losing big money you take the last word.

forex money management calculator for small investors may not commit grades errors because the forex market removes them from the business


Forex money management calculator

It is not easy to be the war of currencies and large sharks not sympathizes with small fishes that are around the Central magnificent to see that earnings may have for this reason you must have a good management of the calcualdora to make decisions quickly and effectively to remove money management calculator.

with the international market if they do handle intelligently can make lots of money with the forex market, you tasks to denben do is research and constant analysis of the world market.

Dependent on the volatility of the Exchange, the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) or foreign exchange market, it can bring many profits or huge losses in a short time.

In Mexico, the lack of regulation and supervision makes it an instrument with high risks but with yields coming to overcome other instruments.


Juan José Salas, consultant in personal finance, warned that small investors should not look for opportunities in this platform due to the ease with which its resources could escape.

On the other hand, large investors or market savvy can invest their surpluses to increase them and in the event of a loss, your assets do not affect.
Understand how works are fundamental aspects to participate in it, said Isaac Velasco, BX + economics strategist, because it is the largest and its leverage poses a risk.

It was considered that the small investors who participate in this tend to lose instead of international ones, “in the form as consists of the market while the bigger your investment more insured will be by the great houses of change”.

Eli friend, IPSUM International CEO, said that the risks are based on fundamental where interest rates imply strength of a country’s currency, but the fluctuation depends also on the political, economic and social news.

He is the figure of the broker that provides leverage for participating children. If you start with an investment of $1,000, earnings with the mechanism would be the difference of the purchase and sale price multiplied, even by one hundred.

He noted that one gets to earn up to three times the amount invested with one higher to 2 percent differential and a leverage of 1 to 100.
Leverage can vary from 1-20 to 1-100 for small, which increases the risk.

Meanwhile, for large investors, there is the possibility of having such a mechanism and earnings still would be billions of dollars, he said.

‘hart on computer monitor, market’s climbing, hand and pen pointer

As well, a small investor with a bank account in us $ and a leverage of 1-50, which had 15 thousand 400 pesos, won 10 thousand pesos in half an hour that the parity went from 1540 to 15.60 and the relationship varied 1.3 per cent on the sale; But if the dollar sale had fallen to 1520, there would have been a loss of the same magnitude, and with a leverage of 1-80 would lose everything.

Velasco stressed that the Forex should be considered to diversify portfolios and not by the possibility of winning easily and estimated that in the coming years could set in Mexico, following the momentum of the reform of financial regulation and the entry into force of Basel III.

One of the risks that a small investor would face to put your dollars to the cart of Forex is that there is a physical headquarters as the BMV, this market is weighted electronically and most runners enterprises are virtual.


He studied. Meet the macroeconomic context in which you invest.

Note caution. Not invest capital you need, but only the surplus.

It analyzes. Meet the brokers offer to start with investments of up to $100.

It is considered. Since it is not a regulated market in Mexico, their losses can be 100 percent.

Forex money management calculator.

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