Forex Trading Forex Scams


Forex Trading Forex Scams


Forex Trading Forex Scams This information that we are giving is that are more attentive to where they should invest their money than you cost achieved with much effort to don’t miss it in a few minutes.
Forex Trading Forex Scams must have many prodencia of them messages of offers and data of large profits with the systems of forex.


I am one of the many affected by mismanagement of Versus Wealth Management that is presented as the great wonder and not let be a well-organized scam.


Forex Trading Forex Scams


Forex Trading Forex Scams
Concept of theft on the internet


I got them in based on the Forex capital management, there did you open account with a broker of the House called LIFE and you do not could do anything in the terminal, rather than look at how your money month after month diluted.


Did not stop you never see the (disastrous) strategic were carried out.

That if, the broker you charged more than 2 pips by a EUR / USD and they (the Manager) is wearing their commissions rigorously. (ALTHOUGH they WERE DOING IT WRONG, them plundering of the pot).


So they did for months, promising gold and the moro came to have a floating 150% account, clearly that it could not hold and everything went to hell.


Then we went all to a common bag where again showed their inability to, I say win, but retain the capital.

Now, we are calling for all concerned to offer a guaranteed fund based on fixed income to “recover” our capital at 3 years old. Clearly, for this reason we ASK THAT we PUT more money.


Castle are not regulated in Spain but also in Switzerland and is the risk that we have to accept.


I.e., they are a Manager, which is they are to “manage” the money of others, charge even when they lose us our money, do not comply with what is agreed in the contract about the accepted maximum risk and now assume that anyone in their right mind replace money with them… Let’s go…


Is outrageous see the impunity that have these companies in Spain.

Here already not is is of recover our money, is the fact of avoid that continue cheating and LYING to others.

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