Forex trading strategies

Forex trading strategies


You have a winning trading strategy is, without a doubt, a key so that you can achieve the desired success as a trader. Thousands of people sailing all those days in the search of strategies of trading perfect that les do win money.

Do you know how long it may take to find a strategy that could be profitable? Much more than what you think.

Of course, this will not be a problem for you. At we put at your fingertips the best trading strategies shared by teammates. With these strategies they fight in the market every day. Browse them, study them and works hard on them! Is the best way of get to the trader winner that carry inside.

Below, you can see all the strategies of forex that you offer of form free. These strategies are a small description with their main characteristics acompandas. To you expect to find your path to success?

My Forex strategy revolves around the principles of the analysis of the price action. Here explains my method of
Forex with more detail so that you can understand it and operate it with success also.

Keep it Simple

The key principle of my strategy of the price action is to keep things simple. I am against complicating the
trading more than necessary. In my opinion, much more simple is the method, more effective will be.
Some strategies are a chaos absolute full of indicators.

This is not the way for trading.

forex trading strategies
forex trading strategies

My Price Action Strategy, aims to keep my graphics as clean as possible. In fact, the only thing that
put in the graphics of candles are a few lines of support / resistance. My method is based on the reading and the
understanding of prices by the reading of candles and the use of support and resistance lines. This means that my
method is very simple to use and relatively stress-free. Here’s a picture showing my chart of the EUR/USD
1 hour.
Clean and simple. This is one of the benefits of using the analysis of the action of the price.

forex trading strategies
forex trading strategies

Indicators needed for this Trading strategy
So to operate with my strategy of Forex not there are indicators that use. Yes, has heard well, not there are indicators.

In general the use of indicators in Forex I dislike because meeting the data that show useless for
nothing, since they linger over the current price. If want to take measures on the basis of what is happening
with its pair of currency in these moments, then, only can be based is in data to prices current by what must
use the price action analysis.

Currency pairs Forex in that this strategy works

My Forex Trading strategy will work on any currency pair that is free floating and be negotiated
regularly. This is because my method is based on the behavior of the price. This means that you can
using this trading strategy to successfully negotiate any currency pair on its platform of

Said this, I personally prefer focus is in only a few pairs because me is very annoying treat of
keep a record of many pairs at the same time. I think that should be a master who it please. So I concentrate
mostly 2 currency pairs.

I mostly business the pair EUR / USD and the pair GBP / USD. I usually operate
these pairs of currencies, as are the more predictable and its movement is more soft. You don’t find jumps to the random
unless there has been a news very unexpected, which is quite rare. Also prefer to operate in the session of
London, that is when these pairs are more active.

This strategy works best on deadlines over long
A time more, since this method of is based on the action of the price is can negotiate in any frame of time,
I like 1 hour upwards. I mainly focus on plots of 1 hr, 4 HR and daily. These are always the
more profitable, because the patterns are easier to detect and lead to more consistent earnings.

Types of analysis of the action of the price
First of all, I use two forms of analysis of the action of the price:

Support/resistance lines.
Analysis of candles.
How to enter a transaction through my strategy Forex Trading
Due to the recent uncertainty economic of those countries that have State in danger of losing its ratings of
credit, etc, the money is not negotiating as you normally would, so now I only do trading of

Miro reversion settings forts that are formed on the side top/bottom of my areas of
support/resistance. Once formed a pattern that indicates that a change has been established and I find a price
activation, entered in the trade. I do several trades each week and up to now have had a rate of gain of the 85%.
Those objectives and them stops them from it strategy

Goals: my goal is of approximately 30-50 pips per operation.
Stop them: put my stop between 15-30 pips of distance from the entrance.
These objectives differ in the different conditions of the market, so by please check the minimum / maximum in the
that went to the operation to have an information more up-to-date.

How adjust the strategy on the news economic
I use the calendar of Forex Factory to make a follow-up of those data economic that van to exit and that
affect to those pairs that operate. If there is any news of high impact (red / orange), that will come out for the dollar
American, the euro or the pound sterling, then stay out of the market in that currency. I will not go in
operation 30 minutes before the news… or after the news.

As you can see my Forex strategy is simple and allows you to make pips in any market condition, with
the majority of Forex currency pairs.

Areas of support and resistance

One of the most common mistakes and it bothers most new operators is that they completely ignore areas of
support and resistance. Sufficient importance is not to support and resistance areas in web sites and books of
Forex. Most of the people prefer to focus on support and resistance lazy.

These are the lines that are they calculated using formulas such as points pivot or Fibonacci. While the areas of support and resistance
lazy have some use, place their own areas of support and resistance, is a much better and more

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