Government: New issuance of debt eliminates the financial issue in Catalonia

Government: New issuance of debt eliminates the financial issue in Catalonia

It “eliminates this business” existing said Saenz de Santamaria, thanks to an operation that the vice president has been framed in a broader context, is a type of operation that the admin is allowing for five years by funding problems communities furthermore Catalonia, past the crisis.
Moreover, as the vice president recalled the attributed response firm leeway to Catalonia to financial institutions and debt rating agencies.
The Organic Law re speaking Budgetary Stability and Financial Sustainability provides that all debt transactions communities require come clean authorization where there is failure to reach agreement once the want of stability, public debt or spending deliver judgment.
Catalonia the gap in 2015, for that excuse it had to take on an economic-financial try that will manage to pay for leave to enter, in the current year and the moreover meeting objectives for the adequacy avowal of revenue and expenditure proceedings, as the admin.
The Catalan management requested debt 5,100 million in rushed-term maturities of 2016 and pension of 2017 certified approval, and the direction has transactions amounting to 4.200 million in June authorized.
These 685 million attributed today will unchangeable this game.
But they are not connected to 1.600 million rapid-term debt that Generalitat of Catalonia spent months unsuccessfully asking to be transformed into long-term debt, which plus includes the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA).
At the press conference, he did not define the vice president’s meeting yesterday in the heavens of Junqueras reached some manageable of taking forward more on the subject of this, but showed the will to be analyzed in the sophisticated.
“Another issue is that in a broader context, at the forefront all autonomous and comfortable judgment communities at full gift, can be considered how to address immediate-term financing aspects, which are salaries not covered by the FLA” He illustrated .

Oil waiting in weekly inventories 46.00



Oil US severity out at 47.00 USD / barrel in its high rally yesterday
weak data in description to imports and pressure concerning reserves Chinese prices API
10:30 NY weekly inventories know IEA

The tall rally following again 200 pips generated by oil yesterday froze at 47.00 USD / barrel. Today presents some downward corrections resistance zone after meeting the import data in China, they were agreed unexciting.

Moreover, at the suspend of yesterday’s session we met API reserves (American Petroleum Institute) and all Tuesday, which surprised announcing an exaggeration of 2.2 million barrels last week. bad passable, after 7 consecutive weeks seeing a set of data decrease.

Today at 10:30 NY knows weekly oil stocks by the IEA (International Energy Agency), where expectations are to see a add-on reduction of more or less 3m barrels, but that is asked taking into account yesterday’s data.

Pending the price of key US oil remains low and looking for $ 46.00 / barrel anew

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