Market study sample

Market study sample

Market study sample  It is important to be well informed today by the changes carried out, by an error can be harmful.

After 12 days of continuous devaluation, falling prices of yuan in China stopped for relief of investors. The U.S. dollar has been trading at 6.8948 yuan (+ 0.04%) before the maximum weekly 6.9011. Despite motívos of technical analysis to an even bigger drop, bringing the dollar a tuning fork of 6.9050 -6.9075, we believe that in the short term this will not occur.Market study sample.

On the eve of the opening of the Asian session, the people’s Bank of China devalued the Chinese currency against the dollar to the lowest level since August 17 2008. The aggressive phase of devaluation of the yuan is about to end, since the measures in order to make the most profitable exports had their effect achieved.

Traders now expect as the decision of the U.S. Federal Reserve about raising interest rates will strengthen the dollar even more in front of the yuan. The second wave of weakening of the Chinese currency is expected by the end of January. The third wave will be about the time that Donald Trump will take over the Presidency.

Market study sample
Market study sample

With respect to the pair EURUSD, yesterday the markets closed down. After prices hit 1.0649, fell to 1.0590 after Mario Draghi’s speech to the European Parliament, as well as give cross Exchange EURGBP. The official did not bring new information, only said that the regulator will keep a less strict monetary policy. The pair EURGBP fell possibly as a result of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. In his speech, she hinted that the Government will try to reach agreement on transition Brexit to avoid economic collapse.

On Tuesday, our forecast considers higher prices to 1.0685. Although there is aggressive purchases of the single currency, the way is open for achieving the 1.0710 level. Our support is at 1.0600. Closing hourly candle under 1.0600 will cancel the growth scenario. With respect to today’s news, it’s worth it “attentiveness for statistics of the United States. Source: “devaluation of the yuan comes to an end this year”

Trump says he will leave the Pacific trade agreement on the first day of Government

WASHINGTON (Reuters)-President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, released a video on Monday citing the actions you take on your first day in the White House, on January 20, including the withdrawal of the United States of Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Maximum range of oil 3 weeks with comments from Putin prices reached the maximum of 3 weeks during the European trading session on Monday, adding the strong high last week even more expectations that the world’s oil producers will find a way of limiting production at the meeting scheduled for the end of the month.

Devaluation of the real will be part of the “Trump” effect “, predicts Secretary

The Secretary of Economic Policy of the Ministry of finance, Fábio Kanczuc, stated today (21) that one of the impacts to the Brazil of Donald Trump’s election for President of the United States should be the depreciation of the exchange rate, that is, the devaluation of the real against the dollar. The Secretary said that, for now, is not defined what the Government effects Trump about brazilian economic growth. Source: “devaluation of the real will be part of the” Trump “effect, predicts Secretary (main news of 22.11.2016)”

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